Bills Shmills: Series Introduction

Bills Shmills!  

We all have them, bills. They can feel weighty and constricting. When our bills become overwhelming; when we are in debt and having trouble keeping up, we might think that the only solution to our problem is winning the lottery. “I need more money!” we say to ourselves. This might be true, we might need more  money, however, if you live in the United States like I do, you might instead just need to change the way you think of money.

For the past 50 plus years, we have been bombarded by information enticing us to spend our often hard earned money on crap we don’t need. We have been trained by industry to spend. Shopping has become our primary creative outlet, it is the way we “treat ourselves”, it is the way we spend our free time. We shop while thinking about all of the wonderful future experiences we will have with this product, instead of just having the experiences now without the product.

My goal in this series is to help you begin your journey of squeezing money out of your bills so that you will have more money to spend investing in yourself, in the moment, and on what you truly value. I spent a little more time talking about values spending and why it’s in our best interest to reduce our bills in a previous post.

As of March 24th I am editing my e-book on this topic. I hope that if you enjoy this series, you will choose to support me by buying my e-book “Emancipate Your Money”, which, in accordance with my values, will be very affordable. I am passionate about helping people improve the quality of their lives right now! I hope this information inspires and empowers you!

All my love, Colleen


I this series we will walk through simple ways to reduce your monthly bills.  Some are easier to unleash than others, so don’t be discouraged.  Think of yourself as on a two year quest to emancipate your money.


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About withColleen

I am a simplicity advocate with a love of the natural world, song literature, dance and everything practical and simple, with an occasional flair for the fabulous. I thoughtfully write about life, family, music, solutions for happier more peaceful, equitable world. Sometimes I write from a perspective of practicality, sometimes instead about the big picture. I hope to add to the already shifting perspective on how to live and love well in the world. My joy is my family and music. I sing and dance daily. I enjoy making music with my closest friends and share these projects with audiences. I believe we can change culture with our words and actions; we can awaken our neighbors to their reverent, kind nature. For lasting change we must work small and work locally.

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