Bills Shmills: Education

Bills Shmills!  Be sure to read my introduction to this series.



Wow!  The cost of a college education is getting out of hand!  I have a close friend who is 10 years younger than me who has $100,000 in student loans for a music degree.  His student loan payment is managed at $700 a month.  Yikes, that’s a lot of money for a young person who is still figuring out his career path.  Add on rent and health insurance and this man is barely eating…and how can there be room for music when 40 hours a week are spent working a dead end job just to pay bills?  This could be you in 4 years, so as painful as it might be to face reality, you will thank me later for helping you make a more informed decision.

In my ebook “Emancipate Your Money” I will take you through a three step process to ensure that you make the best choice for you when you decide to invest in an education.  First, Getting Clear about the life you want, Second, Choosing the right education for you, and Third, Actively Consuming the Education you choose to ensure that you get what you need from the experience. With these three points in mind you are more likely to get what you need from your experience.

You deserve to live a life of your dreams, and there is no reason why you cannot attain it. If you would like to dig deeper, please check out my ebook which will empower you to make the bold decisions that are best for you.

There is no such thing as a “self-made” person, so, especially if you come from a working class background, it’s time to ditch that worldview and take on a new one.  Asking for help and knowing your limitations is a sign of strength not weakness.  Do not invest in education blindly. You wouldn’t invest in a stock without knowing about it, so don’t do it for your education.  Keep in mind that we are never a finished product, and have great potential for growth. An education is meant to help us to grow and prepare us for a career and life that we want.

Surround yourself with great people in a great environment so that you will be challenged and allowed to shine. Hold fast to a clear vision for yourself and ask others for help along the way. Remain open to new information and feedback, you will need others to help make your vision a reality.

Cheers and Happy Growing!


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I am a simplicity advocate with a love of the natural world, song literature, dance and everything practical and simple, with an occasional flair for the fabulous. I thoughtfully write about life, family, music, solutions for happier more peaceful, equitable world. Sometimes I write from a perspective of practicality, sometimes instead about the big picture. I hope to add to the already shifting perspective on how to live and love well in the world. My joy is my family and music. I sing and dance daily. I enjoy making music with my closest friends and share these projects with audiences. I believe we can change culture with our words and actions; we can awaken our neighbors to their reverent, kind nature. For lasting change we must work small and work locally.

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