Bills Shmills: Home Entertainment

Bills Shmills!  Be sure to read my introduction to this series.


__Home Entertainment__

Getting what you need for less + Utilizing your time to serve your joy & contentment.

Premise #1Unlimited is not often necessary, nor is it better.

Just like we explored with communication expenses, it’s important to consider how much we need of the things we have.  The cable or satellite entertainment provider shares the same view of the American consumer that the cell phone companies have: Americans want unlimited (and will pay too much for it).  Unfortunately for the consumer this is offered at the expense of quality, and we end up paying for more than we really want or need.  How many times have your heard someone say “there is nothing on”… even though they have 100+ channels.  This whole lot of nothing comes with an $80 price tag minimum which is a lot to pay for nothing.

Premise #2There are a finite # of hours in the day & it is important that we choose how we spend those precious few hours of free time.

Limitations are good because they make us more conscious of what we consume.  Most of us know that if we go to an all you can east buffet we will likely consume more food than will actually be good for us.  Cable or Satelite TV has a similar effect.  Since we are not paying for the amount we consume, we tend to consume more than is actually good for us.

Take a moment to assess the following:

  • What home entertainment do I consume?
  • How is my entertainment consumption contributing to my overall quality of life?
  • What am I paying for home entertainment and is it worth it?

To truly understand what you are using I suggest that for 1 month you log your consumption. Attempt to separate into 3 categories:

  1. Hours of *must consume* programs or games or music
  2. Hours of happened upon programs you enjoyed
  3. Hours of grazing (ex. channel surfing watching nothing in particular).

Now, as far as assessing the cost, the only hours that count in your calculation are from the *must consume* category. Everything else can be replaced with other free entertainment options.  Now you can assess if it’s worth the current price you pay per hour of viewing, or if there is a way you can pay less for exactly what you want.

The other categories of hours logged can be filled with NPR, YouTube, Books, Games, Sports or anything else you’ve been meaning to do but haven’t got around to. For more information on how to get more of the entertainment you want for free, to understand how the industry is changing and how you can take advantage of these changes please pick up my ebook “Emancipate Your Money” where I dig even deeper into freeing your money from your bills.

Here’s the breakdown of the solution I have found for my household. My TV entertainment consists of Public TV documentaries, YouTube, Browser Streaming and Netflix.
The benefits of my setup are: Low Cost, Very Few Commercials, More Conscious Viewing.

$40  RCN internet bill
$8    Netflix streaming account
$20  Public radio & television contribution
$15  Rhapsody music subscription (my husband also uses for work)
$83/mo Grand Total is more than I need to enjoy quality home entertainment to enhance my life.
Good luck with your assessment!  If you have any questions or are looking for ideas or solutions please leave me a comment.


Continue your journey. Follow the link to the category that most interests you next! Here’s to your quality of life and your freedom! Happy Reading.


About withColleen

I am a simplicity advocate with a love of the natural world, song literature, dance and everything practical and simple, with an occasional flair for the fabulous. I thoughtfully write about life, family, music, solutions for happier more peaceful, equitable world. Sometimes I write from a perspective of practicality, sometimes instead about the big picture. I hope to add to the already shifting perspective on how to live and love well in the world. My joy is my family and music. I sing and dance daily. I enjoy making music with my closest friends and share these projects with audiences. I believe we can change culture with our words and actions; we can awaken our neighbors to their reverent, kind nature. For lasting change we must work small and work locally.

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