Bills Shmills: Health & Health Insurance

Bills Shmills!  Be sure to read my introduction to this series.


__Health & Health Insurance__

It’s another bill.  Health Insurance. It is just one of those requirements of modern life. Our choices are limited however, depending on the state in which we live. For now, we pay what we pay. There is not a lot of choice. For better or for worse my state of Massachusetts requires every resident to have health insurance. There are many advantages and disadvantages to the MA system, but one pro is that the new reforms put a cap on our yearly out of pocket expense which serves to save individuals from bankruptcy due to medical bills. Obamacare has similar protections. I’m thrilled that I do not have to worry that an illness or accident could put me in financial ruin. Since I work independently, that security costs me about $240 per month, and although your employer might be paying for your insurance, it is probably costing you even more than that in potential lost wages.

The down side of these regulations is that I have to pay into a system that is focused on the treatment of disease with pharmaceutical intervention instead of a system that promotes wellness.  Since our health system is a for profit industry, doctors are not rewarded when they keep patients healthy and instead are paid when their patients need treatment for illness. So, (oversimplification) we are paying monthly into a system that treats preventable diseases with pharmaceuticals to maintain ill health so that the wealthy can continue to profit from their big pharma investments.  This is not an ideal model.

This blog series is about reducing your bills, but since we have little control or choice over how much our health premium costs, this post addresses a mindset around health care and personal shifts that we can all make to reduce the monthly cost of health care on a national scale.

Take Responsibility for Your Daily Health:

We can stop the waste of money that is our health care system by first taking responsibility for our own health. We must get off of drugs and convenience foods and instead behave like the mammals we are. Eat food from the earth that our ancestors ate and move our bodies because they were designed to be moved. Become a discerning consumers of information. When we hear of a new health claim we can ask “who profits from this?” and “who paid for this study?”.

Eat Food
Do not eat processed food even if it says it is “heart healthy”. They lie, and there is no regulation to prevent them from lying. Prepare food using ingredients found on the outside edge of the grocery store… even better, shop for local vegetables at your farmers market, buy your meat and eggs from the local farm as well. Buy grains in the bulk aisle of the health food store. Buy organic. If it has a commercial or is advertising to children do not buy it. Populate your gut with health bacteria with supplements found at the health food store and by eating naturally fermented vegetables. Chopping, pealing, soaking, boiling, cooking, sautéing should be a regular part of you life. Do not use microwaves, ever. Enjoy the process of creating a meal. The alchemy of cooking can provide a substantial feeling of accomplishment and enjoyment.

Avoid Toxins
Sugar is a toxin that causes diabetes and is associated with a whole host of diseases including cancer. If you eat it do so like they did in the olden days: very rarely!
Conventional Cleaning Products are toxic. Stop using them. Rubbing around some toxic chemicals labeled as a cleaning product on your countertops and in your bathroom is not a virtuous act. If it “smells clean” it’s toxic. Use white vinegar, dish soap, baking soda and hot water to clean. These are all you need and are a lot cheaper. Clean should smell neutral.
Don’t wear shoes in your house. Shoes carry toxins from gasoline and bacteria from dog poop.
Check your skin care, soaps and beauty products. Most of them have toxins such as lead in lipstick and chemicals that behave like estrogen when absorbed through the skin. Don’t put petroleum based products on your skin. Stop using antibacterial soap and alcohol based hand sanitizer. They along with overuse of antibiotics are creating super bugs. Furthermore, we need our good bacteria on our skin and washing with soap and water is enough to reduce germs that cause the flu.
Do not get a flu shot. It is not necessary. What is necessary is cultivating a healthy immune system which is done by reducing stress, eating nutritious food, sleeping, getting enough vitamin D, and moving your body. The flu shot contains an undisclosed amount of chemicals including mercury. Mercury is toxic heavy metal and should not be injected into the body. Flu shots can have debilitating side effects including permanent paralysis.

Move about
It really is that simple. Our bodies are made to move, and so to maintain health we must move them. Cycling or walking to and from work is a great way to work movement into your life. Dance, gardening, martial arts, and yoga are also fun and rewarding forms of movement. Walk around your house or around the block. Do a few jumping jacks or a couple squats when you think of it. The bottom line: just move.

Say NO to drugs, especially Pharmaceutical Drugs:

Have you been diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, allergies, acid reflux, exema, or even potential for pregnancy? Ask your doctor what the cure is, or better yet, do the research yourself. A cure is not to be confused with “the treatment” which will inevitably be an expensive pharmaceutical drug that you will likely have to take for the rest of your life, that comes with a whole host of side effects.

Did your favorite news anchor tell you that the flu shot is shelf stabilized with mercury?  That your babies immunizations contain aluminum? That heavy metal toxicity is linked with a whole host of illness including thyroid disease, heart disease and diabetes?

Refuse pharmaceuticals. Become willing to make your health a priority. Health takes maintenance and self-awareness. You are a mammal and are subject to the laws of nature. No amount of technology or new pharmaceutical drugs will negate this fact.

Take Responsibility for Your Health and the Cost of Health Care:

We must also start asking our doctors, surgeons, and pharmacists how much it costs. Not how much our out of pocket cost is, but the total cost of the care and drugs we receive. If you knew that your 20 minute visit with a doctor was costing $200, wouldn’t you demand better care?

Refuse unnecessary treatment:
Just as with any other bill we can ask: what do I need? It may feel that you have already paid for it, but as we collectively stop consuming unnecessary and often harmful intervention, we will reduce the overall cost of health care.

The Health Care Industry does not profit when we take responsibility for our own health.  In fact they lose money when we are healthy because we do not develop diseases that need to be managed with daily drugs. As long as we have a system that profits from illness, the most costly treatments will continue to prevail over prevention, botanicals, detoxing and other lifestyle changes.

If your doctor suggests surgery, understand that just because it is suggested it does not mean it is necessary, best for you, or that it will even solve your problem. You can however count on it costing a lot of money.  Can you continue to live well without surgery? Do you understand the risks of being cut open? The risk of anestesia? Find out all of the other options including “alternative” options. Natural, non-invasive, solutions should be exhausted before going under the knife.

Appreciate your body’s innate intelligence:
Cultivate a respect for your body. If we are sick we must ask our body what it needs and respect the answer. This includes our mental health. Our body wants to be healthy and is capable of maintaining health. We can begin to let it do it’s work by slowing down enough to nourish ourselves, mind, body and spirit.  All acts of self care that we engage in bring us to a deeper awareness.  We begin to trust ourselves and naturally become more skeptical of the onslaught of fad, profit driven information.

You are a powerful and amazing being. Your heart beats and you breathe unconsciously.  Your cells communicate sending vitamins and nutrients throughout your body, cleansing your blood, attacking foreign invaders, replicating and rebuilding, all without your conscious awareness. Your liver cleans countless chemical toxins and sugars out of your blood stream and produces cholesterol to fuel your brain every day without fail.  Think of every cell, every organ, every muscle, every nerve, every bone, every joint that is working properly. It’s a miracle. Your life is a miracle. Take a moment to appreciate it, because it is so extraordinary.

The Health Care industry will try to make you forget the power of your body to remain healthy. The industry wants you to doubt your body so that you seek intervention that will ensure that they get a pay check.  Continue to connect with your body and trust in it’s wisdom and you will remain healthy. Seek traditional knowledge, eat traditional foods in alignment with your climate and genetic background, and seek traditional, drugless, chemical free approaches to maintaining your health.

Let your voice be heard.
We need more people promoting change, awareness, and common sense. Together we must steer this ship that is our Health Care System, toward Wellness Education and Illness Prevention.  Every doctor swears to the Hippocratic oath : “to do no harm”, yet every pharmaceutical drug comes with side effects thereby causing our doctors to break their vow every time they write a drug prescription.  As long as we have a for profit system that does not focus on drugless prevention, this will continue. Talk to your doctors and write to your representatives in Congress demanding that we take profit out of health care and fund research in drugless disease prevention.  We live in an imperfect world, it is what it is, but we are not helpless.

Remember, your health is your wealth!  Regardless of what is going on in the external world, we all have the freedom to nourish ourselves and cultivate our personal power.  In doing so we can live a life of health, contentment and joy in this imperfect world.


Continue your journey. Follow the link to the category that most interests you next! Here’s to your quality of life and your freedom! Happy Reading.


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