Upcoming Changes!

Hello to my readers,

For the last month or so I have been working diligently on my book “Emancipate Your Money, Spend for Life”. The first half of the book is inspired by the Bills Shmills series found on this blog, but goes into more depth and detail for those of you who really want to dive into the process of squeezing money out of  your bills.

The second half of the book “Spend for Life” focusses on the creative joy of spending and how we can use the money we have to aid us in living the life we want now. We all want a meaningful joyful life. This book will help you actually choose the life you know you want and get rid of everything that is standing in your way!

I’ll keep you posted right here on this blog and on my consulting website: colleenpalmerconsulting.com

As always it is my pleasure and joy to share ideas and solutions that will help you create a life that is right for you: full of contentment, freedom, creativity and most importantly JOY! I will keep offering free content for you as well. However, if what you read here is inspiring to you, I ask you to support me and my ideas by buying my affordable ebook.

Many Blessings,



About withColleen

I am a simplicity advocate with a love of the natural world, song literature, dance and everything practical and simple, with an occasional flair for the fabulous. I thoughtfully write about life, family, music, solutions for happier more peaceful, equitable world. Sometimes I write from a perspective of practicality, sometimes instead about the big picture. I hope to add to the already shifting perspective on how to live and love well in the world. My joy is my family and music. I sing and dance daily. I enjoy making music with my closest friends and share these projects with audiences. I believe we can change culture with our words and actions; we can awaken our neighbors to their reverent, kind nature. For lasting change we must work small and work locally.

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