A Meditation.

Joy is innate and practical.  We can access it any time of day in any situation.  Joy is within us.  It is the pleasure of taking another breath, of seeing a beautiful flower, of smelling your favorite meal cooking on the stove, of hearing exquisite music.  Joy is accessible every day, but we often overlook it.  We have lost our presence to it, but that presence is easily regained, right now, in this moment as we experience the wind coming into our lungs and leaving.  An ebb and flow that is so essentially good, and essentially contented and satisfying.  Take a moment to experience breath.  Breathe like it’s the most important thing you do; like it’s worthy of your attention.  This is the space from which we experience joy.

Now that you’ve connected with your essential self in this moment you find inner strength and contentment.  You find flexibility and movement. You find an awakened peace.  You’ll notice that you keep breathing, your heart keeps beating.  You keep moving, even while sitting perfectly still and breathing.  It is deliciously simple.  It is good.  It is from this space that we make the most profoundly connected decisions, the most meaningful conversations; in this space of the breath we connect with the power of all creation.  It is in the space experienced in the breath that we know beauty and lightness of being.  We can access this at any moment of any day.  It is free. It has an essential quality that is beyond knowing, but a quality that we understand through the experience of it.

Any moment we find ourselves stressed, or upset, or consumed with thought, we can come back to this space in this moment.  We can feel the immensity of all that we are connected to.  We can experience goodness and tranquility and vitality simultaneously.  We allow the cares that we have, the thoughts and the worries to dissipate, and we give ourselves permission, at this moment, to simply be.

How distracted we are, how over stimulated we are.  It can be so tiring, yet we feel we must. We are a part of a machine, a culture, a world, that is built on ideas and values made manifest.  Sometimes it’s overwhelming, sometimes we wonder what it’s all for.  We seek meaning and contentment, but when we look out in the world we are finding that the global conversation is not there to support us in our quest.  How can we begin to choose a life that is right for us on a deeper level?  How can we experience a life that has the space for meaning, contentment, gratitude and joy?  We all have the same essential needs, and we all experience the same distractions.  The distractions and damaging world views are depleting us.  We tend to be discontent and unsatisfied because we have bought into that conversation; that conversation that is rattling on our thinking minds as well as in our culture.

In this moment, together we are changing the conversation.  We are quieting the mind; we are giving ourselves permission to experience the lightness of being that is with us whenever we make ourselves present to it.  In doing this we are rewriting our values and we are embracing a new way of being.   We are asking new questions and looking within to connect with our innate intelligence.  From this space we begin to foster relationships that support us; when we are out in our community our simple act of being present invites our community to do the same.  We have enough resources, we have a beautiful, spiritually rich world, we have intellectual stimulation, and we have laughter & fun.  Best of all we have love.


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